A week in the life of…… Sian Hills – Leeds Rhinos Women & Girls Development Officer

So it’s the start of half term and it was meant to be a busy couple of days with Leeds service area trials but due to the frosty weather we were predicted they were postponed until further notice. This meant that it gave us some much needed office time to catch up with emails and planning for the next term ahead which consists of various events including 7 school girls festivals.

So after a couple of days in the office it was great to get out in the fresh air and get out into the community. Today we were off to John O’Guants estate to join with the local groups to help with a clean up and gardening project. The community team had a busy afternoon consisting of litter picking, planting, building green houses, building and filling planters as well as keeping spirits high. Ryan Hall joined us, as that was the estate he grew up on which was great for all those involved.


Thursday was back into the office finalising plans for all the activities for the Heniz Big Soup World Club Challenge match where Leeds Rhinos were facing Manley Sea Eagles.

I also spent time putting a structure together for the School Ambassadors programme, which seems to be growing week on week.


So the big day was here for Leeds Rhinos would they be crowned World Club Champions.

Match day preparation stated earlier than usual today with meeting all the teams involved in the balloon release and the mascots meant it was all hands on deck on which was a busier than usual match day.

So 7:50 soon arrived and it was time to start to get 100 children on pitch in a orderly manor ready for balloon release ……. 5,4,3,2,1 and that was the balloons off into the sky. Great that was that part done. Next step 100 children to be taken back to their parents 8:05 and they are all returned. Rest of the team were tasked with mascots and that all went well so smiling faces for the Leeds Rugby Foundation team so far. So 20 min’s of watching the match and we are off again, half time teams. Cones out, teams organised on pitches, refs in place and were playing. Before we know it we are picking the cones up and half time matches are complete. So second half to watch with a great final result and home to bed.



Wow its Monday again and a very busy week ahead. Assembly head on and I’m off, first stop to meet up with Tony and collect assembly equipment ready to head to Swinnow Primary school to deliver the Winning team assembly with Ronnie and 2 trophies in hand.

Tuesday saw delivery of two more assemblies so up to headingley to collect the trophies then off to southroyd Primary School then back to the office for a quick bite to eat and check of the emails and then off to Pudsey St Josephs for another winning team assembly.


Wednesday morning our monthly foundation team meeting but change of venue as today we were at the Hamara Centre. Fab meeting lots discussed and new exciting projects ahead of us. But it was lunch time the bit we were all looking forward to as we had home cooked curry provided by the Hamara centre which was lovely. Very full now but back to the office to finalise the 6th form 9 aside festival to be held on 21st March. Few phone calls and emails and the entries are coming in.


New day and a busy morning pulling together plans for Run With the Rhinos 2012. Before I knew it the day had gone and I was heading up to Headingley to collect the trophies ready to show off at the Leeds Referee society meeting. After lots of discussions and information given it was time for me to leave the meeting and return the trophies. They were back safely so it was homeward bound for me.


Nearly the weekend and I have got that Friday feeling but early start trophies to collect, Ronnie to collect and first call of the day Greenside Primary for an assembly. Quick pack up back into the car and St Josephs Wetherby is put into the Tom Tom 45mins lets go….. You have reached your destination. Great assembly children were fantastic but it was lunch time and the assembly meant that the kitchen staff were rushing to put out the tables so change in roles and I’m putting chairs into place and water jugs on tables. Lunch smells good but no spare seats in that dinning hall so Morrisons it was but we did have a little break so got to sit in the Café! The sun is shinning and I could definitely have a nap in the car but no time for that last assembly for the week Lady Elizabeth Hastings Collingham, another great assembly, positive feedback what a way to finish the week. So over 1000 Easter Camp flyers distributed, 6 School assemblies delivered, a spot of gardening, Run with the Rhinos, School Ambassadors, 6th form festival, girls festivals organised, Hamra centre visited, emails sent, phone calls made and that’s your lot. Its Friday night and heading home making a happy Sian.