Leeds Rhinos Foundation’s Development Academy provides the opportunity for students to train, play and study full time at Leeds City College, whilst representing Leeds Rhinos at a post-16 level.

The Rugby Programme: We offer a world class training and coaching environment under the Leeds Rhinos performance umbrella for:

• Players leaving school with aspirations of progressing towards playing at a higher level in the professional or community game
• We also strongly encourage players with a love for the sport who want to improve
• Athletes from other sports who feel they have the transferable skills to succeed in Rugby League.

Our bespoke training and playing programmes are drawn from our proven developmental models at the Leeds Rhinos Academies and Scholarships, which allow players to develop their technical, tactical and physiological skill sets to maximise their progress and reach their full athletic potential.

Each training session will be carefully timetabled around the players academic responsibilities as we understand that education must be a priority.

New for 2022: Leeds Rhinos Netball Development Academy with Leeds City College. Building on the success and popularity of the Leeds Rhinos Netball Vitality Superleague team and with growing demand from female students and players, the partnership will include a new Netball programme for September 2022!

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We offer a wide range of courses and qualifications to potential student players. Having such a diverse offering provides potential players with a multitude of possible career pathways, ensuring the accessibility of the programme to as many young people as possible.

Available courses include:

Sports BTECs at Level 1-3 – students taught practical and theoretical sports knowledge, allowing them to progress their careers as coaches, primary/secondary school teachers, development officers, professional players or sports therapists.
GCSE’s – including English & Maths resits alongside a main course option
Applied Science – prepares future engineers, scientists, technicians and researchers by allowing them to develop their theoretical and practical knowledge in various branches of science e.g. Electrical Engineering.
•  26 A Levels – making our Development Academy’s education offer one of the most extensive programmes in the country.

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Our vision is to promote the development of the ‘Student-Player’. We realise the importance of supporting and preparing young people for the wider world at post-16.

Offering them an opportunity to develop themselves both as players and students is one such way we can help. We will endeavour to highlight and promote the importance of the academic responsibilities of each player to support and challenge them to be successful.

We understand that each student may have a different educational requirements, and therefore want young people to be able to follow their own educational path as they play.