Masters Rugby League still going strong in Leeds with six clubs now running!

Leeds Rhinos Foundation were delighted to welcome representatives from the city’s Masters Rugby League teams to Headingley Stadium to celebrate the continued success of this wonderful game.

Leeds currently has six Masters teams running across the city and they are always on the lookout for new players to join their growing teams!

It seems a long time ago since Masters Rugby League was first introduced to the city back in 2008, but Masters Rugby League is still an important part of Rugby League in the city with regular festivals taking place for both male and female teams.

Farnley Falcons have become the latest Ambassador club to launch a Masters team in 2022, joining the likes of East Leeds, Guiseley Rangers, Leeds Masters (formed by a merger between clubs such as West Leeds and Stanningley) and Leeds Underdogs in taking up this concept and opening their doors to anyone over the age of 35 who wants to play non-competitive rugby.

Their sides are a mixture of former players and those who had never even picked up a rugby ball before taking up the Masters game.

Masters Rugby League provides the perfect way for players and officials aged 35 and over to continue their involvement in the game in a safe and enjoyable way. Like with other forms of the game, games are played under modified rules to ensure players can compete in a safe environment and get the most out of their experience.

Different shorts colours determine the level of contact allowed in tackles ensure everyone plays the game at a level appropriate to their age, experience and physical condition, so even if you’ve never played Rugby League before you can still get involved and have a great time.

Best of all, it’s a brilliant way to stay active and have a good laugh whilst doing some exercise.

There are no winners, no champions and no cup finals. Masters is a strictly social version of the sport and is all about being played in the right spirit.

With more Masters Rugby League teams in the city than ever before, now is the perfect time to get in touch and join this wonderful community!

Please see below for details of all the Masters Rugby League teams in Leeds and who to contact if you are interested:

East Leeds

Contact Paula Simpson-


Contact Vinnie Brown- 07956278102 or


Contact Michael Brook- 07834975167 or

Leeds Masters

Contact Nick Borras- 07773770032 or

Leeds Old Dogs

Contact Diane Marshman- 07870384393 or


Contact Jason Meyers- 07786827036 or

For more information about Masters Rugby League, including a full list of clubs and all the latest updates, please visit