A Thank You from Pontefract Rugby Union Football Club

Pontefract Rugby Union Football Club

May I take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you for your visit to our club last night. We are all very appreciative of your attendance and coaching work with some of our junior players.

The feedback from the youngsters this morning has been very positive and they thoroughly enjoyed their evening. For the youngsters to have contact with professional players is a new experience for them all and indeed for our club in general.


I believe every aspect of the visit was positive and can only encourage our young players to work hard to improve. Some of them may even one day play professionally themselves. There is no doubt that should they do so they will remember occasions such as last night as having some influence on their development. Irrespective of their future achievements the session went well in all aspects thanks to you and your team mates.


As a club we have been working hard for several years to rebuild a sporting link with the local Kings School. Competitive rugby ceased to exist at the school in the eighties, when for reasons known only to those involved, it was stopped. Thankfully the school now has a programme of inter school games and rugby is again flourishing in a traditional manner. 


Jonty Leeson and Matt Hargreaves the two PE teachers at the school have been instrumental in assisting with our growing junior section. Both attended last night and express their gratitude for your coaching assistance along with any links we can create with your club. Both are delighted to have expert coaching for the boys in their charge as they want to see them doing well in the interschool competitions for which they are now entered.


On a personal level can I express thanks for your professionalism, friendliness, and most of all enthusiasm displayed by last night.


Thank you again to you and Leeds Carnegie, we hope to see you in similar circumstances in the future if at all possible.


Kind regards


Pete (on behalf of Tony Brown Chairman of PRUFC)


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