The Leeds Rhinos Wheelchair Tag Rugby’s first ever game

The Leeds Rhinos Wheelchair Tag Rugby League team had their first competitive fixture on Saturday when they played host to the Mersey Storm at the gryphon sports centre. The match started at a really fast pace and was 18 minutes in before the first points were scored by Mersey. The rest of the half was a close affair and the score was Mersey 10 Leeds Rhinos 2 at half time.

The second half followed a similar pattern and after 5 minutes, Gary Cummins (Rhinos) crossed the line to bring the score to within 2 points. . It wasn't long to wait till the next try was scored from storm on the 8th minute. The game from then went on with Leeds scoring a try and conversion on the 31st Minute Jamie Stead (Rhinos) and Gary Cummins (Rhinos) successfully scoring the conversion. The game then went the way of storm who put in a further 4 tries and successfully added 3 conversations bringing the final score Leeds 14-40 Storm.

The match was watched by Keith Senior and Leon Crick of the Leeds Rugby foundation who commented, “The game was fantastic, played at a really fast pace in great spirit. The club are on the look out for new players to become involved and I can’t recommend the sport enough.”

Anyone interested in getting involved should contact Andy Gardner on