Team Tomlinson rides on!

After another rain drenched day the Tomlinson team get to relax before the day 6 stint begins

Last night the team got to spend the night in their own beds after arriving back in Leeds.

Our very own PC Bob Bowman a Trustee for the Leeds Rugby Foundation was able to sum up the Marathon and Cycle challenge so far:

"Well working backwards i had the best bath for many a year on wednesday night before typing this blog!!! Tweaks, twinges and aches are beginning to mount up but if a challenge is easy and pain free then it is not a challenge worth doing.

Wednesday, day four, was epic. The euphoria of arriving back in the uk was soon diluted, literally! It never stopped raining and i have never been so cold in a very long time and i was even concerned at one point that hypothermia could be a possibility. But in the early afternoon we found refuge in a local pub in Cawood where the generosity of the landlady allowed us to dry out a bit, she provided us with chip butties and our spirits soon soared.

That made for a difficult but enjoyable last leg into leeds arriving at Headingley stadium where, staff, volunteers, friends, and of course and so much appreciated family to cheer us in after a really tough day. Even Ronnie the Rhino was there to greet and hug his favorite Leeds Rugby Foundation Trustee, well for this week anyway!

This is truly a great challenge, Mike and Rebecca Tomlinson and the rest of the team are great people and i feel honored to be in their company. Halfway through and failure is not an option. I have chosen to put myself through all this discomfort to raise money to help those who do not have the luxury of that choice and that is what will get me to the end of the London Marathon this coming sunday."

Greg Mulholland MP and Vice-President of the Leeds Rugby Foundation sent us his daily update at the end of day 5 and had this to say: "We've just completed day 5 of the Anniversary Challenge! That was tough, we have been out in torrential rain all day! Feeling sapped of energy but still smiling!"

To support the guys in their massive challenge please visit their Just Giving pages:

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