Leeds Rhinos have pledged their support to fight testicular cancer and this week are encouraging young men across the region to ‘man up’ and regularly check themselves for any signs of the disease.

As part of National Youth Against Cancer Week (12 – 18 December) and in collaboration with the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust’s (LCYCT) campaign ‘Gonads! – it’s not just b#*?@cks…it’s a serious message’, the club’s Foundation, along with former Rhinos player, Keith Senior, are helping to raise awareness of testicular cancer and highlighting that all young men should be regularly checking themselves in the shower for lumps or swellings – potential signs of testicular cancer.

The campaign, which launched this week, supports the LCYCT’s recent venture to raise much-needed funds for research into Germ Cell Tumours (GCT) affecting young people, to help establish the best form of treatment.  GCTs usually affect the testes and ovaries, or gonads as they are collectively referred to.  Although rare, tumours in the gonads are amongst the most common cancer in adolescents.

Pam Thornes, Trust Manager at LCYCT, said: “We don’t fully understand how age affects gonad cancer so this research will help ensure that young people with GCTs get the best treatment. However early detection is really important and can save lives, which is why this week we are encouraging young men to make sure that they regularly check themselves for lumps or swellings, which are potential signs of testicular cancer. 

“But the campaign isn’t just about men. Although ovarian cancer is difficult to diagnose, we want young women to know the symptoms of ovarian cancer. These can include; continual pelvic and stomach pain, increased abdominal pain, persistent bloating and difficulty eating and feeling full quickly. They may not be linked to a serious problem but if women have any of these symptoms it’s important to visit your GP to get checked out as soon as possible.”

The LCYCT has created a fun, but serious viral promotional film featuring Rugby Super league players and charity ambassadors, Keith Senior and Andy Raleigh, to highlight the charity’s pioneering funding venture.

Lucy Young, Manager of the Leeds Rugby Foundation, said: “The Leeds Rugby Foundation is delighted to support this appeal as it is raising awareness and funds for a fantastic cause.  It’s great to see one of the legends of our club, Keith Senior, supporting the campaign and we wish the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust all the best with the Gonads Appeal during Youth Against Cancer Week.”

To view the promotional film go to http://www.lauracranetrust.org/gonads.aspx or text GNAD42 2 to 70070 to donate £2 and pledge your support to the campaign.

For more information on testicular and ovarian cancer visit www.lauracranetrust.org


For further information please contact Helen Mervill at the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust on 01484 510013 or helen@lauracranetrust.org or call Emily Raleigh on 07974 401663