A Week in the life of…….. Leon Crick – Leeds Service Area Co-ordinator


One of the happiest Monday’s of the year, Bank Holiday! No sleep in for me though, I was up at 5:15am watching Peppa Pig with my 2 kids, the joy!


Into the office early this morning to catch up on a few jobs that ran over from the previous week. I then had a meeting up at Headingley with Andy Gardner who runs the Leeds Rhinos Wheelchair Tag Rugby League team. They recently had their first ever competitive match and are a fantastic club. I work with them around club development and general support. There are loads of things in the pipeline for this year and for anyone wishing to give it a go, I can’t recommend it enough – please give me a ring if you would like more details! We were then met by the foundation manager Lucy Young to get an update on children’s day – which we are really pleased to announce will involve sessions from the wheelchair rugby team and is looking like it will be a huge event this year.


The big clean up! It’s been in all the Foundation staff’s diaries for weeks that today is the day that the office gets a much needed clean up. We also changed the layout, found loads of old stuff no one knew existed and threw away around 4 tonnes of Sam Horner’s paperwork that he assured us would have been used one day…. It’s fair to say that some did more work than others but myself and the younger ones didn’t mind pitching in and doing a little bit extra while Sam and his elder gang had several much needed tea and biscuit breaks.


It’s very frustrating writing this entry as today myself and Jonny Wainhouse had a fantastic meeting with a company up at Headingley in the Carnegie cafe. I can’t say much more as our discussions need to stay top secret as we don’t want any other clubs finding out what we have in the pipeline! However, if it comes off, next year could host one of the biggest events the club and foundation have ever been involved with, watch this space!


After a busy week of meetings and staff gatherings it’s nice to get sat in the office from 8:30 and actually get into doing some work. I’ve had a few e-mails build up over the week that need replying to and the Service Area sessions to plan for Monday night. I’m in the process of putting together a celebration event for the Service Area players that will take quite a lot of planning but should be really worthwhile and be a huge treat for the players.

I’ve also just set up a twitter account for the Leeds Service Area. I’m hoping it will help me share information with even more people within the amateur game in Leeds. If Twitter is your thing @LeedsSAreaRL !

I have no formal work on this weekend which is nice. I’m going to take the opportunity to get out and watch some amateur rugby, there looks to be some cracking games on in Leeds so I’ve now just got to choose which one to go and see!