Breaking the bias with the Foundation’s first Women’s Try Club programme

This year’s International Women’s Day is all about breaking the bias and taking action to help create a more gender equal society.

One of the ways that Leeds Rhinos Foundation has helped to level the playing field is by launching our first ever Women’s Try Club programme, which is currently running at Headingley Stadium every Tuesday evening.

It is the first time that the weight management programme has been delivered for women and Leeds Rhinos Foundation’s Health Improvement Officer Amy Livingstone explains that it was a landmark moment for the charity.

“We have been growing our Try Club model and recently we have been delighted to have expanded our funding to allow us to have multiple offers of our programme. We’ve taken this opportunity to listen, learn and adapt our content to best suit a female-only programme offer.

“At Leeds Rhinos Foundation, we recognise the importance of creating a safe space for women to have open and honest discussions and empowering them to make simple lifestyle changes through expert advice and activities that are specifically tailored to their needs, without the need for any gimmicks or diet plans.

“Our programme also provides a wide variety of physical activity opportunities, moving away from the stereotypical offering usually presented to women. We hope that by providing these taster sessions more women will take part in these community based-activities.”

There has been a really positive response to the launch of the first Women’s Try Club programme, with 12 participants joining in the sessions at Headingley which are split between the classroom and concourse to provide an opportunity to learn about the importance of good nutrition, while also being able to get active with fun and accessible physical activity taster sessions.

Attendees will also benefit from the expert advice shared by Amy and our team of health experts, who will offer personalised support throughout their Try Club journey. On completion of the 12-week Try Club course the aim is for every participant to be educated, motivated and committed to getting healthy and staying fit.

“We’re delighted with how well this first Women’s Try Club programme is progressing,” said Amy. “Such is the success we’ve had, that within the first 6 weeks we have already created a shared resource with a bank of recipes and exercise tips which are being added to by staff and participants.

“Watching these ladies progress over the last few weeks gaining confidence both physically and mentally has been really inspiring for me, and we hope as staff that we can continue to learn and adapt our delivery to positively impact all of our future participants.”

We have new Try Club courses starting at venues across Leeds in 2022 for both men and women looking to tackle their fitness and achieve their health goals.

To help us get you signed up for a course that’s right for you, please CLICK HERE to visit our dedicated Try Club pages.

For further support, or for more information about our Try Club programme, please email