Our 12-week Try Club course covers a range of healthy lifestyle topics delivered as interactive classroom based workshops.

The full breakdown of information we cover is as follows:

Week 1 - Introduction to the programme and regular eating
Week 2 - Physical Activity
Week 3 - Reducing Sugar intake
Week 4 - Focus on Fat
Week 5 - Achieving 5-a-day
Week 6 - Salt and Takeaways
Week 7 - Portion size
Week 8 - Calories and Energy Density
Week 9 - Healthy hydration
Week 10 - Sleep
Week 11 - Mental Wellbeing
Week 12 - Review and planning for the future

So far Try Club has supported 233 people in Leeds to lead healthier lifestyles, from sign up right through to our follow-up support.

Each session is led by a trained health professional who will give you practical advice and personalised support throughout your journey.

Try Club focuses on realistic goal setting, support with nutrition and lifestyle advice, while providing a fun, safe space to take part in physical activity that is tailored to you.

One participant gave us his thoughts on how his Try Club journey has helped to transform his life:

We have new Try Club courses starting at venues across Leeds in 2022. To help us get you signed up for a course that’s right for you, please CLICK HERE to visit our ‘Find a Course’ page.

For further support, or for more information, please email health@leedsrhinosfoundation.org.