The Foundation and Ronnie Rhino take the winning schools assembly to Primary Schools

Ronnie the Rhino and the Leeds Rugby Foundation are encouraging children to create a winning team in the classroom.

Assemblies will taking place across the city over the next week but after Friday nights epic victory against Manley Sea Eagles, Ronnie Rhino could not wait to spread the word of the success and give the opportunity for Primary School children to see and touch the World Club Challenge Trophy! as well as the Super League Trophy!!

Ronnie and the Leeds Rugby Foundation will be encouraging children to work as a team, to communicate, to be determined, encourage each other, have co-operation, be enthusiastic and be the best they can be! If they do all these things they will get their just reward just like the Rhinos did!


In the picture above is the school of Swinnow Primary who the team and Ronnie visited today. The team also gave their winning team assembly to Park Spring, Pudsey and also St Lukes, Beeston.