Rhinos Scholarship player heads for Australia

Mason Tonks will join three classmates in Australia

This summer Mackay State High School (Australia) will welcome four students from Castleford High School for two months in a Rugby League exchange program including Rhinos scholarship player Mason Tonks.

The students will be a part of the Mackay State High School Rugby League Academy during their stay and play games for the school and district area team. Unfortunately the school could only send four lads from their National cup winning Year 11 team. They would have liked to send the whole team.

The four students pictured, Brad Hey (Castleford Tigers), Mason Tonks (Leeds Rhinos), Jack Miller (Fev Rovers) and Lewis Young all attend Castleford High School Technology and Sports College and will be introduced to Mackay SHS coaching staff in June. They are very talented young Rugby League players from Castleford's National cup winning side and are looking forward to the travel experience. 3 of the lads are on scholarships with professional clubs highlighted above.

They can't wait to test their skills against the best Rugby League players from Queensland (Australia). The trip will be the second visit of a Rugby League exchange partnership between the schools for players now and the future to live and play abroad in their final summer of school. Mackay high school will tour England in September 2011 with some Australian students staying on to live and play in England.

In order to help raise money the school and lads will be taking part in a variety of fundraising events. If you would like to sponsor any of the students attending the trip please contact Lee Holmes at the school 01977 605 060.