Our 10 Steps to Good Nutrition during lockdown

Through our 10 Steps To Good Nutrition project, Leeds Rhinos Foundation helps to create healthier environments and improve nutritional standards throughout our community.

To make sure you stay healthy at home during these unprecedented times, we’ve come up with a lockdown edition of our 10 Steps To Good Nutrition to make sure you can maintain a balanced diet and look after your health.

1. Aim to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated – fill up a bottle of water and keep it in your fridge as a reminder every time you open your fridge.

2. Try and use this time to up your fruit and veg uptake – it might be harder to eat these things fresh at the moment so why not try canned or frozen instead – there will be just as many vitamins and minerals. Keep on top of your diet and track your progress with a food diary, which you can download HERE.

3. Working from home? Try and boost your concentration by swapping out the sugary fizzy drinks and switching them to water, milk or sugar free alternatives.

4. It’s all about balance, think about the foods that sit outside of our Eatwell guide – try to enjoy those in moderation.

5. Have a look at the Smart Recipes app from Change4Life or Easy Meals from One You to get some recipe inspiration and hone your cooking skills

6. Increase your fish intake to 2 portions a week, if you can try and make one of those oily – if you can’t source fresh fish at the moment remember frozen and canned are good options.

7. Check the labels of pre-packaged snacks with the Change4Life Food Scanner app – it will let you know which ones are the healthiest options.

8. Everyone in your household will need a different portion at mealtimes – using your hands as a guide is a great way to get this right for everybody.

9. You usual routine might feel a little all over the place – help keep it up by eating at regular points every day – don’t forget breakfast as this is still your most important meal of the day to get you started and ready to take on the day ahead!

10. There are plenty of physical activities to be giving a go and you can find some on our website, make sure you are fuelled with a nice healthy snack before you get going and have something prepared for when you finish. Make sure you give our #ActiveAtHome toolkit a try to help you plan a daily activity.

Please remember to look after yourselves and each other. Stay home, protect the NHS and save lives!

CLICK HERE to download the 10 Steps to Nutrition poster