Leeds Rugby Foundation teams up with TRL

Leeds Rugby Foundation became the latest organisation to join the RFL to support the work of the TRL

After meeting Jonny Wainhouse of Leeds Rugby Foundation, the Yorkshire giants and Foundation of the current Super League champions have pledged to help promote the TRL, help source venues for fixtures and incorporate the TRL in future development plans.

TRL Coordinator, Tony Fretwell and Womens Coordinator Frankie Hartwell held talks at Headingley Carnegie Stadium last week and see the link up as crucial to the next phase of development.

Frankie said, "This is great for us, as the challenge is to ensure all the teachers who potentially could be involved know about us. Leeds Rugby Foundation comes in contact with hundreds of teachers who might not know about us. They also have full time staff who can help us via their networks to access facilities and unlock opportunities. The TRL does not need vast resources, but to grow it needs solid networking and partnerships, so for the Yorkshire region, this is a very exciting development."