Emerald staff enjoy first ‘Foundations for Health Day’

Leeds Rhinos Foundation teamed up with The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation and The Emerald Foundation to deliver a ‘Foundations for Health Day’ at Emerald Group’s Head Office in Bingley.

The day gave Emerald employees the chance to take part in numerous workshops run by trained health experts from the three Foundations, each focusing on a different aspect of how to improve their health and wellbeing.

Melissa Fojt, Social Responsibility Manager for Emerald Group, explained: “We thought this would be a perfect opportunity to link up with two local sports clubs we partner with to run different types of workshops and get our staff thinking outside the box about how to look after themselves, as well as their friends, families and peers.”

“It’s important that our staff trust us to look after their health and wellbeing, and we can put on days like this to show that we’re investing in that kind of support.”

Leeds Rhinos players Brad Singleton, Corey Johnson and Courtney Hill also came along to test participants with a special ‘Challenge the Rhinos’ circuit-based session and share their own advice around nutrition and diet.

Reflecting on the session, Singleton said: “It’s been a massive effort from all the employees today. We’ve been putting them through their paces and giving them an experience of what fitness levels and attributes us players have to achieve.

“It’s credit to the bosses at Emerald for putting on a day like this and providing such great facilities here with their own gym. Sitting in an office day can be difficult, so it’s important that they do get the chance to keep active and tick that fitness box to feel healthy and perform well.”

Amy Livingstone, Exercise Referral Specialist for Leeds Rhinos Foundation, added: “This is completely different to what we’d normally deliver out in the community with one of our health programmes, but it’s been really well received and we’ve really enjoyed it.

“I think some people were excited to get involved with something different to break up their working day and they’ve got a really good workout from it too. If you’re going to get involved with physical activity it’s not always about how much you can do or how often you do it, sometimes it’s just about getting out and having fun with the activities you’re doing to stay healthy, and that’s why today has been so positive.”

Learn more about the work of our partners The Emerald Foundation at http://www.emeraldfoundation.org.uk/.