Leeds Rhinos Foundation celebrates young people’s positive contributions to Leeds through NCS

Today, Leeds Rhinos Foundation will join other sports clubs and charities across the country to celebrate the impact that young people have had when participating in NCS (National Citizen Service).

Each year, Leeds Rhinos Foundation promotes NCS and the impact it has had on young people from Leeds through a campaign called #NCSMatchDay. Given the challenging times this hasn’t been able to happen in its normal format this year however this won’t stop #NCSMatchDay going digital!

Designed for 16-17-year-olds, NCS is an inclusive summer programme that helps young people get the skills, experience and self-belief they need to achieve their potential – and smash their future goals.

NCS aims to make a life-changing difference to young people and how they approach life after school. In just a few weeks, they’ll mix with new people from different backgrounds, conquer big challenges, pick up some invaluable life skills and get the confidence they need to live independently. They will even take part in a social action project to ‘do good’ in their local community. It’s the perfect stepping stone into adult life – just ask the 600,000 young people who’ve taken part nationally!

Leeds Rhinos Foundation has already helped over 50 young people take part in NCS, with students coming together to plan and deliver social action projects that support local organisations such as Leeds Children’s Charity at Lineham Farm and Herd Farm Activity Centre.

One graduate from our Autumn 2020 NCS programme, Thiago said: “We spent the week working together to clear out the sensory garden and make it more accessible to visitors as during the lockdown period it became pretty overgrown.

“I’ve not really done much gardening before but the staff have guided us through it and I’ve enjoyed just about everything we’ve done.

“It’s great to get the experience of working together to help people where we can during these difficult times. To be honest, it boosts your ego and makes you feel good about yourself.

“Before I did NCS I wasn’t the most confident speaker but after doing this I feel a lot more confident with speaking up and communicating to the group which is great.”

In 2020, the EFL Trust and its network of Delivery Partners have engaged over 15,000 young people through NCS, giving them an opportunity to make up for lost time by building skills and resilience whilst also being a driving force for change in their community.

Leeds Rhinos Foundation has limited spaces to take part in NCS with us this Summer, so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to join our 2021 programme!

To find out more information about NCS or how to book a place, visit www.wearencs.com.