Dance Development Officer


I do all things dance for the Leeds Rhinos! I run the Rhinestones which is the Leeds Rhinos Junior Dance Academy running weekly dance and fitness classes throughout the city. I also take dance into Primary schools running dance workshops and after school clubs. I’m also Captain and choreographer for the Leeds Rhinos pro dance team taking care of the dance aspects of match day entertainment.


I’m from a dance background, and from a very early age I went to a Leeds based dance school to learn ballet, Tap and Jazz. I took examinations, danced competitively and took part on various shoes and pantomimes too. I stayed at the dance school until I was 18 then left to go to the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts to study and achieved a BA honours in dance. While I was at University I was introduced to other dance styles like contemporary dance, street dance and cheerleading. I also did GCSE and A level dance at Intake High School. On 1999 I went to an audition for the very first Leeds Rhinos Dance Team and the rest is history I have been a part of the team ever since, just a dancer first now dancer and choreographer.


Passing my driving test took my three attempts!!!! Driving is much harder than dancing. I’m a good driver now though.


Denise Booth: My mum. She was an inspirational lady, strong, determined, loyal and caring.