Chyna attends the Rhinestone’s Dance Academy at Temple Moor, here her mum talks about the benefits to her daughter

Chyna first started Rhinestones in 2014 as a happy and friendly girl who lacked the social confidence she needed to grow as an individual. The team Helen, Chloe, Taylor lead by Nicola welcomed her into an already established group with open arms (we had unsuccessfully attempted to join two other dance groups previously leaving Chyna very nervous about joining new groups).

During this time I have watched her confidence grow and she no longer hides in the shadows of her brothers and now has the confidence to STEP OUT on her own. The Rhinestones have offered Chyna the opportunity to meet children of her own age outside of the school environment, especially other girls she can share her love of dancing with, (we come from a mainly male dominated household who take part in a lot of contact sports).

Not only has Chyna made friends I have also made new friends. She loves her time in class, leaves every week smiling and once finished she counts down the days till she goes again, she loves to perform and beams with pride every time she does an ‘On pitch’ performance. A happy Chyna means a happy mum. I would like to say thank you to Nicola, Helen and the team at Temple Moor for giving Chyna these wonderful opportunities and helping her become the lovely young lady she is becoming. The team are fantastic role models for my daughter. All your hard work is appreciated and l look forward to many more years of your dance.

Cindy Harrison (Chyna’s mum) September 2015

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