Bill, 63, attended Leeds Rhinos Foundation’s men’s health management programme, which was developed in partnership with Public Health Leeds

When I first considered Try Club I was looking at lifestyle changes for me and to get more active and the benefit of the programme is that it also looks at food, so it ticked both boxes really.

Both my family and colleagues are now starting to notice the difference visually. They can see you losing weight, instead of walking around with a fairly hefty stomach. When I see what has happened to me in 12 weeks I find it phenomenal, I’d love to see it succeed even more with more groups spread across different backgrounds as well.

After two or three weeks I set myself a goal of taking on the Asda Foundation Leeds 10k and wondered whether I could actually achieve that, well after 12 weeks I am now convinced I can do that and I’m now embarking on the process of doing the training.

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