Leeds Rhinos Foundation- in partnership with Yorkshire Cancer Research- offers a unique rehabilitation programme to support cancer patients in Leeds.

The Active Beyond Cancer programme is normally  delivered at three hubs in Leeds; Armley, Rothwell and Fearnville Leisure Centres. It is available to patients at different stages of cancer treatment, offering free health and fitness coaching and advice to help them increase their physical activity and improve their confidence.

Studies have shown that people tend to significantly reduce the amount of physical activity they do after being diagnosed with cancer and this can remain low for many years after their treatment is completed. Although the traditional approach has been that ‘rest is best’ during cancer treatment and rehabilitation, research suggests that low levels of physical activity in patients with cancer can result in symptoms of fatigue and a reduced quality of life.

The sessions involve both educational content and a focus on exercise, introduced through taster activities to build confidence and improve the health and well-being of the attendees with a series of guest speakers on money management and health and diet advice.

We have new virtual courses starting in April to help you take part from home! Please click HERE for full details. 

For more information about Active Beyond Cancer or to book your place on one of our courses, please contact health@leedsrhinosfoundation.org,